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Welcome to Rite Credit Repair
Rite Credit Repair works on every level and stage of credit repair: Credit Repair Credit Restoration We find the credit repair solution combination that is uniquely right for you.

I’ve been denied credit.

What’s going on?

When a person applies for credit, multiple things are taken into consideration: 1) Your credit score. 2) The negative (derogatory) items within your reports. 3) Your positive credit and credit depth (the length of time the items have remained on your reports) and 4) Your Adjusted Gross Income (what is shown on your tax return). At Rite Credit Repair we strive to improve your credit score through the time intensive method of credit repair and credit restoration. For more intricate solutions such as: debt consolidation, debt negotiations and/or debt reduction negotiations, we can then direct you to our sister company, Rite Debt Solution. Let us multi-task the credit dispute process for you. Our credit dispute process is accomplished in multiple ways, including weekly submission of credit dispute letters to both the credit bureaus and individual creditors, on line submission of credit disputes at credit bureaus websites and even some creditor websites, direct credit dispute phone calls to the creditors and credit bureaus, and when applicable, even attorney assistance. Our credit repair program takes any unwanted credit related items and provides a full dispute process. With Rite Credit Repair, we pull out all the stops to ensure that your credit is repaired in a timely manner and to your liking. Our on-line login credit repair portal allows you to view your credit repair process and all updates to your credit report.
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